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Video for Spaces on X 🎥

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Live broadcasts on X are about to experience a major evolution with the introduction of a new option: live video.

Live video on X 🎥

Spaces are a popular feature on X. With just a few clicks, anyone can initiate a live conversation on the platform and then be joined by other participants. The host of the live broadcast can then give the floor to any connected user. In recent days, a new option has been added to Spaces.

Some users have discovered that they can now « Enable video » when creating a new Space. By activating this option, animators can share the video stream from their front or rear camera, in horizontal or vertical view.

Source : DogeDesigner sur X

Currently, only hosts can activate the video function. This means that the host’s main video stream is displayed, surrounded by icons for co-hosts, speakers and any listeners.

This feature is currently being rolled out and is only available to a few users on iOS. It will be a few weeks before it is deployed more widely.

Source : The Verge

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