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Free certification back for influential accounts on X ? 💠

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It would appear that buying certification on X (formerly Twitter) is not a great success. In fact, the platform is reallocating blue badges to certain users free of charge.

Back to the old system ?

Before Elon Musk acquired Twitter, the verification badge was mainly awarded to public figures such as celebrities, politicians and journalists. Then Elon Musk changed the name of the platform and put an end to this system. From then on, having the blue badge meant subscribing to a Premium membership. Verified users who chose not to pay had their badges removed. At the time the new system was introduced, as if to encourage people to subscribe, the badge had been awarded to many accounts with over a million subscribers. Accounts of deceased people as well as those who had not requested verification were entitled to it.

However, it seems that the measure did not have the desired effect, and that few people subscribed. Currently, it appears that several influential accounts, already with tens or hundreds of thousands of subscribers, are again receiving the verification badge, or will receive it, regardless of their will.

This sudden appearance of badges seems to stem from a measure announced last week. Elon Musk had announced that X accounts with over 2,500 « verified subscribers » would receive a free Premium membership. Accounts with over 5,000 subscribers would receive a free Premium Plus subscription.

Could this be yet another attempt to create a buzz around the platform ? But does it really make sense, when the blue badge has lost all meaning ?


Source : The Verge

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