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Forget Facebook and Instagram ad tracking with a 9.99 euros subscription 🥷🏾

A far cry from its initial promise, Facebook will be offering paid subscriptions within the next few days. Instagram, its sister company, will follow the same path, to comply with European law. Click here for full article

X (ex-Twitter) unveils new ad-free subscription plan 🚫

X (formerly Twitter), which has never been profitable, is looking for new sources of revenue. Before its acquisition by Elon Musk, the platform depended solely on advertising, but many advertisers have since left the network. To remedy this, X will be launching two new monthly subscriptions, in addition to the current Premium subscription. Click here for full article

Apple unveils its new M3 chips and new black MacBook Pros 🤩

Apple has unveiled its new M3 chips, the successor to the revolutionary M1, marking a significant advance in computer performance and energy efficiency. These M3 chips offer significant improvements over the M1 and M2. To accompany them, new MacBook Pros and iMacs have also been unveiled. Click here for full article

WhatsApp tests a revolutionary feature: the alternative profile 🎭
In order to strengthen user security, WhatsApp is launching a game-changing feature: alternative profiles. This allows you to hide your identity and create a brand new one visible only to a specific group of people. Click here for full article

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