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Welcome to our weekly tech roundup #TechFriday, where we recap the week’s top tech news! This week, the world of technology has been rocked by a number of significant developments. Controversies surrounding Google’s artificial intelligence and Meta, new features for Android users and Spotify, as well as a battle between YouTube and ad blockers.

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Google AI Overview: AI is causing havoc in searches 🤖

The launch of Google’s AI Overview tool, intended to facilitate complex searches using generative AI, was quickly plagued by erroneous and outlandish responses. In the face of these now viral misfires, Google acknowledges the current limitations of its technology and asserts that it has implemented several technical improvements. Click here for full article

Meta wants to train its AI with its users’ data 😡
Meta has caused controversy by announcing that, by default, it will use the posts and photos of Facebook and Instagram users to train its artificial intelligence, without their explicit consent. While an opt-out is possible, the procedure is complex, raising concerns about compliance with European regulations on the protection of sensitive personal data. Click here for full article
Google rolls out handy new features on Android 📱
Google is rolling out a host of practical new features on Android, including RCS message editing, simplified sharing of internet connections between devices, easier switching during video calls, a home automation widget, PayPal on Wear OS and a digital key for more cars. Click here for full article
Spotify raises rates (a little) in France due to new streaming tax 🤑

Spotify has slightly increased the prices of its various subscriptions in order to absorb a new tax on streaming introduced in France. The increase ranges from 7 cents for student subscriptions to 22 cents for family subscriptions, representing rises of between 1.17% and 1.22% depending on the package. Click here for full article

YouTube vs ad blockers: towards open warfare? ⚔️

Many YouTube users who have installed ad blockers are experiencing recent problems when playing videos. Some are reporting that videos skip to the end after a few seconds, while others are experiencing loading problems. Click here for full article

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