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Microsoft Edge can now open two web pages in the same window 👯‍♀️

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Microsoft Edge is the default browser for Windows, replacing Internet Explorer. Its recent update introduces a feature that lets you use two web pages side by side without having to switch windows.

Displaying two web pages on the same screen is not as easy as it sounds.

Let’s take an example to explain why this new feature is so handy. Let’s say you’re using Chrome as your browser. If you need to display two web pages side by side, you’ll need to follow these steps on Windows :

  1. Open a new window.
  2. Hold it down and drag it to the side so that Windows offers to align it on one side of the screen.
  3. Choose the first Chrome window from the other available windows.

How to have two pages side by side on Windows

On macOS, it’s no easier. If you don’t have a dedicated tool to simulate Windows behaviour, you need to :
1. Open a new window.
2. Put it in full-screen mode.
3. Return to the desktop and set the first Chrome window to full screen mode.
4. Switch to preview mode, to drag and drop one of the windows onto the other to create a split screen.

How to have two pages side by side on macOS

It’s obvious that it’s a rather tedious exercise just to have two web pages side by side. Microsoft Edge intends to solve this problem with its new feature.

Using two web pages just got easier

Since its introduction, Microsoft Edge has continued to improve, offering new features to make browsing even more convenient. The latest feature, split screen, is a step in this direction and should greatly improve productivity. With just one click, you can now display two web pages side by side, without having to change windows or anything else.
By clicking on the new ‘Split Screen’ button at the top right of the address bar, a second ‘screen’ opens to the right of the Edge window.

Edge split screen

It gives you the option of choosing from tabs already open, frequently visited links or going to a new web page. If you choose a tab that is already open, it will be moved to this screen. You can even drag a link from the open page to the new screen so that the page is displayed.

A small cursor at the top of the tab shows which screen you are on. So you can navigate independently in each tab. And the address bar lets you navigate easily between two pages from the same window.

Each screen has a menu that allows you to switch screen positions, among other things.

With this new feature, Microsoft hopes to make your work sessions more productive with its browser, thanks in particular to its ease of use. The feature is set to be further enhanced by future updates, on which Microsoft is already working.
Which browser do you use every day? What do you think of this feature? Tell us in the comments.
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