Ray-Ban and Meta unveil their new smart glasses 😎

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At its Meta Connect event, Mark Zuckerberg’s company didn’t just announce new innovations in artificial intelligence (which you can read about by clicking here). It was also an opportunity to present its new version of connected glasses, in partnership with Ray-Ban.

More powerful equipment 💪🏾

For this new model, Meta has decided to improve the hardware: audio, camera and power.

Meta’s new connected glasses feature all-new custom-designed speakers. These speakers offer extended bass, higher maximum volume and improved directional sound that reduces audio leakage. This translates into a significant improvement in calls, music and podcasts, even in noisy or windy environments. Thanks to its innovative five-microphone array, video recordings will benefit from immersive audio recording. So you can capture sounds exactly as you originally perceived them, whether in front of you, to the sides, behind or even above.

Better audio – © Meta

Speaking of video recording, these glasses are equipped with a 12 MP ultra-wide-angle camera. It’s capable of taking higher-quality photos as well as 1080p videos lasting up to 60 seconds. Thanks to the « send photo » voice command, you can even share photos directly with friends and family from your glasses.

New camera – © Meta

To power these glasses, Meta has equipped them with the brand-new Qualcomm Snapdragon AR1 Gen1 platform. This enables higher-quality photo and video processing and even faster computing. For recharging, you can rely on its charging case, inspired by that of classic Ray-Ban glasses. It allows up to eight additional charges, for a total of 36 hours of use.

Nouvel étui de recharge – © Meta

A lightweight new look 🪶

The first version of Ray-Ban x Meta smart glasses was available in a single style: the iconic Wayfarer. For this new iteration, we’re treated to a second, more rounded design, Headliner, for a more retro look. Both designs are available in matte and gloss black. Three new transparent frame colors, Jeans, Rebel Black and Caramel, are also available.

These glasses are compatible with corrective lenses, and with over 150 custom frame and lens combinations on the Ray-Ban Remix platform, you’re spoilt for choice.


These new models are not only more powerful and more attractive, they’re also more comfortable. Indeed, the glasses have been refined and their weight reduced, making them lighter and more comfortable. But that’s not all. They are now water-resistant (IPX4). And to enhance user comfort, the touchpad has been improved, and interaction headphones have been added. These glasses should respond faster and more reliably to your commands. And that’s just as well, because these glasses are packed with interesting features.

Easier Livestreaming & Meta AI always at your side 📹

One of the device’s star features is hands-free livestreaming. You can broadcast live to Facebook or Instagram directly from the glasses. It’s worth noting that when the camera is active, an LED lights up to indicate that a recording is in progress. As for comments, you can see them in your preview on your smartphone. Or you can press and hold the side of your glasses to hear them aloud. But that’s not all.

The brand-new Meta AI will be integrated into these glasses. It has been optimized for use without the need to use your hands. All you have to do is say « Hey Meta » to start a conversation with it. You’ll be able to stimulate your creativity, obtain information and control functions.

If you’re interested in these smart glasses, pre-orders are now available on and To purchase them, you’ll need to pay 299 USD or 329€. They will be available online and in stores from October 17, in 15 countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia and all of Europe. However, Meta AI features will only be available in the U.S. as a beta version at launch.

What do you think of these glasses? Tell us in the comments section.

Source : Meta

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