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ChatGPT: voice conversations and image analysis for a better experience 🤖

ChatGPT evolves with voice conversations and image analysis. This update enables natural conversations and image understanding, while focusing on security and abuse mitigation. Roll-out will be gradual, providing an enhanced experience for ChatGPT users. Click here for full article

In the AI race, Meta unveils Meta AI and its chatbots 🤖

At its Connect conference, Meta announced it was entering the AI race against strong, well-established competitors by developing Meta AI, its series of chatbots capable of conversing with users on its messaging apps. Click here for full article

ChatGPT reconnects with the Web 🤖

OpenAI, the Microsoft-backed creator of ChatGPT, has confirmed that the ChatGPT chatbot can now browse the Internet to provide users with up-to-date information, provided they subscribe to the AI’s paid plan. Click here for full article

Ray-Ban and Meta unveil their new smart glasses 😎
At the Meta Connect event, the company unveiled a new version of smart glasses in partnership with Ray-Ban. These glasses offer significant hardware improvements in addition to a new, lighter design, with two styles available. They are compatible with corrective lenses and offer over 150 customization options. Features include live streaming, « Hey Meta » voice command integrating Meta AI. Click here for full article
macOS Sonoma is now available. Here are the new features 💻
Announced at WWDC 2023, macOS Sonoma is finally here. Improvements and new features include a new slow-motion screen saver, widgets, improved screen sharing, Safari and Messages, bringing macOS even closer to the iPhone. Click here for full article

That’s it for this week. We wish you a good weekend and look forward to hearing from you in the comments.

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