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1, 2, 3 Accounts to add to your Instagram posts 📸

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While the release of the new Threads social network (which you can discover by clicking here) monopolizes attention, Instagram continues to add and improve features to boost collaboration and engagement on its platform.

On Instagram, you can add up to 3 collaborators to a post or Reel👏🏾

Introduced in 2021, Collaboration Mode lets you add a user to a post or Reel so that this single publication appears on both profiles simultaneously. If until now you’ve felt limited by the ability to add just one user, good news! Instagram has taken the decision to extend this feature, giving you the ability to add up to 3 collaborators to your publication, regardless of « whether you have a private or public account », the social network says in a post.

By tagging several profiles in Collaboration mode, the publication will therefore be shared on your account and all the others mentioned, of course, with a common comment space, thus avoiding duplication.

How does Instagram’s collaboration mode work?

So, let’s explain🤗. How to use Collaboration mode:

  • Create a post or a Reel in the usual way,  
  • Once you’ve edited your image or video, you can add collaborators by choosing the « Identify people » option, then « Invite a collaborator ». Once the collaborators have been selected, they will be invited to validate (or not) the post before publication.
  • Once the content is online, the contributors’ names appear above the publication. All contributors can delete the post or Reel at any time.

Are you happy to add new users?

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