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At TikTok long videos mean big money 💰😏

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You want to express your « great » creativity on TikTok, but your timing is playing tricks on you? TikTok has you covered.

TikTok encourages creators to make longer videos

At the end of September 2023, TikTok celebrated one billion monthly active users on its platform.

We’re honored to be a home for our immensely diverse community of families, small businesses, and creators who transform into our favorite stars.

But there’s one thing TikTok, like all social platforms, wants to avoid at all costs: the loss of its most popular creators. Because if there’s one area where the platform is still struggling, it’s the model for monetizing the content of its most famous TikTokers. So what’s to be done?

According to The Information, TikTok invited numerous creators to its New York premises at the end of October, to prevent them from leaving for more lucrative and « enticing » networks such as YouTube and Instagram.

The aim of the private interview was to mobilize them towards a longer video model. A model that stems from a clear observation: users now spend half their time on the platform watching videos longer than a minute.

Longer videos to better remunerate creators

But why push creators to produce longer content? Again according to the American media, so that they can be better remunerated. Indeed, TikTok wants to be able to exploit one of YouTube’s big advantages by offering more slots available for advertising, as we can see on Google’s platform with commercial inserts at the beginning or during the video. The Chinese application’s aim is therefore to align the behavior of users and creators.

How can we understand the new TikTok model?

According to TikTok, over the past six months, creators posting videos longer than one minute have seen their subscriber numbers grow five times faster than those posting only short videos. The pattern seems straightforward: longer videos, with more ads, lead to more subscribers and, therefore, higher earnings for creators. All this is in line with changing user behavior. It would also enable TikTok to establish itself as an « entertainment platform » rather than a « social network », a label it is trying to avoid.

So, loyal TikTok users, if you want to get paid, opt for longer videos 😉.

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