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Good evening everyone. We hope your week has been brighter than the Tech news. Indeed, we’ve had a small wave of bad news, particularly from the streaming platforms. We hope you enjoy your reading, and don’t forget to share with others.😉

You may no longer be able to access Netflix from your TV 😨

Netflix has launched an update to its TV app, making certain models obsolete for security and maintenance reasons. This decision took many users by surprise, but is designed to protect users against security vulnerabilities. Click here for full article

AI takes over Spotify playlists 🤖

Spotify has a new feature: AI Playlists. These use artificial intelligence to generate personalized playlists based on user preferences. Users can simply give instructions such as mood or mood descriptions, and Spotify generates a corresponding playlist. Click here for full article

You’ll have to pay to avoid ads on Prime Video 📺

Since April 9, advertising has been a feature of Prime Video. Unlike Netflix and Disney+, Prime Video, which was previously included in the Amazon Prime subscription, opts for a different approach, offering an ad-free option for an additional fee. Click here for full article

Google Podcasts and Google One VPN join Google’s product graveyard 🪦
Google recently discontinued two of its services, Google Podcasts and Google One VPN. Far from being isolated cases, this is more a trend of Google rapidly abandoning some of its products. Google Podcasts was axed to focus on YouTube Music, while Google One VPN was discontinued due to low usage. Click here for full article

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That’s it for this week. We wish you a good weekend and look forward to hearing from you in the comments.

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