The new Bing and iPhones are coming to Windows 11

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Released a year ago, Windows 11 continues to evolve and expand in terms of features. With the new update, Microsoft integrates features that users have been asking for for a while, but also some surprises.

Bing is coming to the Windows search bar

Bing, Microsoft’s search engine is literally rising from the ashes. Once ignored by many users, it has been the subject of all the discussions for a few weeks now, especially thanks to the integration of a conversational AI like ChatGPT. Microsoft knows that its search engine has the wind in its sails and has therefore decided to integrate it directly into the Windows 11 search bar.

Bing comes into the taskbar. Source : Microsoft

The company from Redmond surely hopes to seduce as many users as possible. However, to have access to the feature, it will be necessary to have passed the waiting list, as explained in a previous article.

Phone Link application welcomes iPhones (sort of)

After the integration of iCloud Photos (which you can discover by clicking here), Microsoft continues its foray into the Apple ecosystem. The Phone Link application (formerly Your Phone) will soon be able to sync to your iPhone. As the feature is still under development, only calls, contacts and messages are accessible. However, group chats or sending messages are not yet supported. To access the feature now, you must also be part of the Windows Insider program.

Synchronization with the iPhone on Windows 11

The application will also evolve, especially for Samsung phone users. They will be able to activate mobile data sharing from their smartphone, directly from the PC’s Wi-Fi settings. Moreover, the transfer of navigation sessions from the smartphone to the PC is now a reality.

Third-party widgets are coming 予

The Windows 11 widget panel is one of the key features of the new Microsoft OS. Limited in terms of choice, it has not yet seduced many. Microsoft wants to rectify this by enriching it with new widgets: Mobile connected, Xbox. But the most interesting thing is the arrival of third-party widgets such as Messenger or Spotify. Let’s hope that other useful third-party widgets will complete the catalog.

Third-party widgets are coming // Source : Microsoft

Video screen capture finally arrives on Windows 11

Microsoft enriches its screenshot tool and adds a mode to make video screenshots. No need to download third-party software anymore, everything is now integrated into the screen capture tool. You just have to choose the video mode and that’s it.

L’enregistrement vid矇o d矇barque sur Windows 11 // Source : Microsoft

Windows studio effects arrive in the taskbar

Last September, Microsoft unveiled a set of effects to enhance the video calling experience. Called Windows Studio, it includes effects such as eye contact, background blur, auto-framing and voice focus. In order to facilitate their use, Windows will integrate them directly into the taskbar.

Studio effects come to the taskbar // Source : Microsoft

Microsoft is taking the opportunity to improve the integration of Teams with the taskbar. It’s now easier to have a preview before launching a video, accessing a call or sharing a call link to any app. You can also access conversations from the same screen.

The Notepad is also getting tabs儭

After the file explorer, it’s time for the notepad to get the tabs. It will now be easier to manage several documents in a single window.

Windows wants to help you control your carbon impact

Windows gets a new menu in the settings, dedicated to energy recommendations. There are seven of them, and you can choose to follow them to reduce your carbon footprint when using your PC.

This update is currently being rolled out. If you don’t get it right away, you’ll have to wait a little longer. In the meantime, what do you think of these new features? Tell us in comments

Source : Microsoft

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