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With the Remote Kissing Device, stay close to your partner 👄💕

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In an increasingly dematerialized society, the « remote everything » tends to be democratized, for better or for worse! If you live a long distance relationship, you will be tempted like this Chinese student who lived far from his girlfriend to invent this device particularly disturbing for some and practical for others: a connected mouth. We leave you the choice to place this connected mouth developed by Chinese engineers in one or the other of these categories…

Remote Kissing Device : Let’s talk about it 🤨

As the Chinese version of the Global Times newspaper reports, it all started with the desire of a Chinese engineering student, Jiang Zhongli, who was in a long-distance relationship, to be able to kiss his girlfriend when she was away from him. As one is never better served than by oneself, he then started to develop a device that would allow him to do so after graduation.

Connected Bluetooth Mouth 👄

So, the result takes the form of a wireless device on which has been grafted a silicone mouth that connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone. A bit weird but if it’s to reproduce the sounds and sensations of a real mouth, we’ll take that chance to find it quite useful.😌

Equipped with sensors, it detects the pressure and the heat of the lips of the person who kisses it to transcribe the same sensations on a second device.

It becomes possible to exchange real kisses from a distance thanks to this machine which, in addition to the sensations, also emits sounds.

Small reminder: Kissing machines are not totally new. That’s right. In 2016, the Imagineering Institute had already launched its Kissenger, a similar device capable of reproducing the sensations of a remote kiss thanks to a haptic feedback touchpad.

In couple, solo or between strangers: Become a real heartbreaker 😘

Patented by the Changzhou Professional Institute of Technology (China), the device is not just for couples. The application linked to this connected kissing machine indeed provides a remote dating space that, if your profile « matches » with another user, allows you to exchange a kissing session. A nice extension that will make people happy. Should we go for it or not?

Well, if you want to try the experience, it is possible to get these connected mouths for about 75 euros a pair on the Chinese online sales site Taobao. Many sales have already been recorded and the first returns are conclusive. Far from the eyes, far from the heart, but never far from the mouth … For the more adventurous, know that similar devices already exist in the world of sex toys.

Want to test this device, tell us what you think?

Sources : CNET France, CNN

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