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What if your smartphone’s replacement was a connected pin ? 📌

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Yes, you read that right. The Humane startup, founded by former Apple employees, aims to replace the smartphone we use every day with a badge powered by artificial intelligence.

An assistant pinned to your clothes 📌

Called AI pin, this new technological jewel introduces a whole new category, as yet unnamed. The first feature that draws attention to this new product is its lack of screen. While we are surrounded by more and more screens, whether on smartphones, televisions, or connected watches, this startup has chosen not to include a screen in its product.

And there’s a good reason for this: most interactions take place by voice. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the integrated assistant can follow a conversation without having to recall the context of each question. But it doesn’t just answer questions. It can also indicate upcoming appointments, send e-mails, summarize recent messages, and even perform translations in real time. Equipped with a photo sensor, the AI Pin can examine a product’s packaging, for example, to inform the user of its sugar content! When the box registers something, it emits a light to alert loved ones.

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Projector and finger gesture navigation 📽️

As you can see from the demo video above, this connected badge, if you can call it that, is also equipped with a projector. It displays information in the palm of your hand, and thanks to your finger gestures, you can navigate from one screen to another.

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Everything about this new object differs from what we’re used to today, especially with our smartphones. Even its operating system, Cosmos or CosmOS, is atypical. The applications it uses resemble what ChatGPT offers with its plugins, which are essentially personalized AI assistants. Partnerships with giants such as OpenAI, Google, Slack and Microsoft have been announced.

The price of a smartphone and a mandatory subscription 💲

The AI Pin costs $699, and comes with a $24 monthly subscription for cellular network access (via T-Mobile in the U.S.). This subscription offers a dedicated phone number for the badge, the ability to send and receive data, and unlimited access to AI queries.

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With AI becoming increasingly popular, the timing seems ideal for this new product. That’s certainly one of the reasons why Humane is aiming to sell 100,000 units in its first year. Pre-orders will begin in the USA from November 16, with the first deliveries scheduled for next year.

What’s your opinion of this new product? And what do you think of the idea of having an assistant always at your side? Discuss it in comments.

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