#TechFriday n°1️⃣6️⃣3️⃣- Issue of 10/11/2023

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Good evening, dear readers. As we do every week, we’ve selected the latest tech news for you. From potential smartphone replacements to the latest features in Telegram, WhatsApp and YouTube, dive in with us to the heart of the week’s tech trends. And don’t forget to share 😉

What if your smartphone’s replacement was a connected pin ? 📌

Start-up Humane, founded by former Apple employees, aims to revolutionize everyday smartphone use with the AI Pin, a smart badge powered by artificial intelligence. Devoid of a screen, this voice assistant performs a variety of tasks, such as managing appointments, sending e-mails and translating in real time. Click here for full article

New features make YouTube even easier to use 📺

Recent updates will transform your viewing experience. From the ability to speed up playback and search for songs by humming, to new navigation tricks, YouTube is pulling out all the stops to improve the experience on its platform. Click here for full article

It’s a festival of new features on Telegram ! 📸

Telegram has introduced major improvements to its stories, offering channels the ability to publish stories. Users, especially Premium subscribers, can react to stories with personalized stickers. In addition, audio files can now be added to stories. Click here for full article

WhatsApp date search coming soon to Android 📅
Specialist site WABetaInfo has unveiled a first version of the Date Search feature for Android, allowing users to select a specific date to easily retrieve messages. The feature is currently under development, and deployment will take a few weeks. Click here for full article
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That’s it for this week. We wish you a good weekend and look forward to hearing from you in the comments.

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