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Good evening, everyone. Your weekly tech rendez-vous, #TechFriday, is back. It hasn’t been a week full of interesting news, but we’ve sorted it out to bring you the most relevant information. This week, we’ll be talking about Meta AI, Telegram, Google Meet, Instagram and the Microsoft Store. Enjoy your reading, and don’t forget to share with others 😉

Meta AI expands to several countries and several applications 🔵

Meta continues its expansion in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) with the deployment of its intelligent assistant, Meta AI, on various company platforms. Powered by the new Llama 3 language model, Meta AI offers advanced functionalities such as explaining complex concepts and creating images on demand. Click here for full article

Now you can create your own personalized stickers on Telegram ✨

Telegram has announced a major update enabling the creation of personalized stickers directly within the application. Users can now add text, drawings, emoji and GIFs to their stickers, as well as cut out objects and remove the background from images. This simplified functionality is accessible via a new integrated editor. Click here for full article

Switching between devices just got easier on Google Meet 🔁

Google Meet introduces a feature that makes it easy to make calls between phone and computer, called « Switch Here ». It offers a seamless transition from one device to the other during a meeting. A « Join here too » option even lets you take part in the same meeting from two devices simultaneously. Click here for full article

Instagram introduces nudity protection in private messages 🔞
Instagram is rolling out a new nudity protection feature in private messages to combat sextortion and abuse. Activated by default for users under 18, the feature automatically blurs images detected as containing nudity, encouraging users to think before sending such images. Click here for full article
Installing Microsoft Store applications from the web is now easier on Windows  💻
Microsoft has recently updated the web version of its Microsoft Store, allowing users to download application executables directly from the website with a single click. This new approach aims to make downloads faster and easier, while maintaining security. Click here for full article

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That’s it for this week. We wish you a good weekend and look forward to hearing from you in the comments.

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