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BeReal, the anti-pattern of social networks, keeps evolving and gaining users. Today, the social network goes even further with a new feature that should delight its users.

BeReal, the social network that advocates authenticity

Do you know BeReal? The principle of this social network is simple: be authentic!

As a reminder: Every day, users receive a notification on their smartphone, at a random time, and have two minutes to take a picture of what they are doing, with the front camera (a selfie) and the classic camera, to share what they have in front of them.

In other words, on BeReal, the objective is to show yourself naturally, without staging your life. A concept of French origin which is a hit, and which has even conquered the other side of the Atlantic, with many users in North America in particular. The social network claims 20 million users worldwide.

Bonus BeReal📱😊

The application will evolve to offer new features « soon », according to BeReal. Currently, it is a « Time to be real » notification that is sent to users. If they miss the moment, they still have the opportunity to post a « late » photo (in the jargon of the app).

With the app update, if you don’t miss the famous first notification, you’ll unlock « Bonus BeReal, » as the social network explains. In other words, you will be able to post two more photos during the day, at times of your choosing.

Source: BeReal

However, if you’re not on time and miss the first notification, you won’t unlock the ability to post bonus photos, but will still be able to take a « late » photo, as usual.

On BeReal, it is possible to react to the photos of your friends, whom you follow on the social network, by commenting, or with « Realmojis », a kind of emoji, but with a photo of your own head. The next updates will not change this principle, which will therefore also apply to bonuses, in addition to the classic photos.

In addition to photos, it will also be possible to post bonuses from BeReal Audio, a feature available on Apple and Spotify integrations, which already allows you to share the music or podcast you are listening to at the time you take your photo for BeReal.

Thus, you will be able to share, at two other times of the day, your mood and your daily life.

Evolution or loss of originality of the concept? 🤔

Currently, this update is already available in the United Kingdom, but should be available globally. Beware, these features are « in the testing phase », according to the social network, so « do not be surprised if we change some things », warns the app anyway.

However, we can worry because the feature could make of sight the interest of the concept of the application: One notification – one post. Because with these bonuses, users will have the opportunity to make photos too staged since the social network is often seen as the anti-Instagram.

Nothing to worry about 😉

Even if many of us saw BeReal as yet another perilous attempt to compete with the biggest social platforms, with an innovative concept; it must be said that after 53 million downloads last year and a strong popularity rating; the machine is launched.

But by 2022, the app didn’t see many new features, and the BeReal trend had run out of steam slightly. The team was keen to explain:

2022 has been focused on the stability of our service. The unique nature of BeReal’s operation means we have had to overcome significant technical challenges to keep the service running.

And despite the few new features, the application now has 20 million active monthly users, a sign of real enthusiasm! Also, after a stabilization phase, the BeReal team affirms that « the summer of 2023 promises to be exciting ».

This is good news, because competitors are never far away and are taking over its concept.

Sources: BeReal, Melty

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